Surviving your first college party

So you are invited to your first college party and you don’t know what to expect?   Be assured, your first college party is your first chance to create an impression for rest of your college life.  If you are prepared, you may impress everyone at the party.  More of a kick start for the rest of your college life, but if you are going in without any knowledge of beer games like flip cup beer pong games, there will be an unsettling learning curve at your first college party. Knowledge is Survival To survive your first college party, you must have a good knowledge of all the wild activities, beer games and norms at college parties. Make sure to talk to some close friends who have already experienced college parties to learn about what is expected of you at the party. College parties are also a good opportunity to make new friends, but if things go wrong, you could get a bad reputation. Don’t Go Alone Confidence is good thing but over confidence can get you in trouble.  If this is your first college party, going alone be the best idea.  Try and get a couple buddies to accompany you.  They can help you guide through all the fun waiting for you in the party. People also feel more confident in parties if they are surrounded by their friends. Learn about Drinking Games Drinking games are essential part of the college parties now.  Bring some beer along and learn about all common drinking games before attending the party.  Some of the popular drinking games that you must learn about are quarters, kings cup, spin the bottle and beer pong flip cup game. Are you worried about how you are going to learn all these games in a short span of time?  There is no need to worry as there are a few board games available in the market that come with complete instructions and provides you with good knowledge about how the games are played. You can find one of the best such board games at The unique quality of this game is that you can find all the popular college drinking games within one board game. You don’t have to buy separate board games for different beer games so it is also very cost effective. These games include booze your turn, spin the bottle, make a rule, kings cup, high/low, waterfalls, socials, quarters, beer pong and flip cup. Don’t Confront College party is also a time to meet new people, but it can also become a starting point of lifelong college rivalries. Make sure to not to confront anyone at the college parties, but concentrate on making new friends and introducing yourself as an easy to go person. 
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